The nuvos SDK provides all the tools developers need to write high-quality apps that work across a wide array of devices, including desktops, tablets, phones, and smart appliances. Developers write their apps using nuvos APIs and many of the most common parts of the Java Standard Edition SDK.

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Connect your app to popular cloud services with the click of a button. Developers use pure Java APIs, meaning no messing around with service-specific quirks for transport, encoding, or authorization. Advanced features include as push data, user notifications, offline detection, and session management.

Utilize local services to link nuvos to native code and proprietary device features.

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The nuvos factory is a subscription service that builds and tests your app in the cloud, with no external SDKs required.

The nuvos factory also acts as a continuous integration server, giving you instant notification if your app fails to build on any platform.

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