Introducing nuvos

We offer a revolutionary software development kit (SDK) and runtime that allows developers to:

Write once, run anywhere, without platform-specific coding.
Leverage the cloud using a catalog of pre-integrated services.
Publish to mobile, desktop, smart devices or HTML5 from one codebase.
Utilize advanced 2D graphics and touch gestures to engage users.
Create fully-native applications, with no interpreters or middleware.
Write apps in Java, using their favorite IDE, with no external SDKs.
Automatically synchronize application data for online/offline access.
Compile and test in the cloud using build automation.

How it works

Developing with nuvos is refreshingly simple:

One and done

Write once, run anywhere. For real.

Builds on the success of Java

Your app will run on the millions of devices where Java SE (6 or above) runs, including every major desktop operating system and millions of embedded devices.

Apps can be launched either as applets or though Java Web Start.

Runs on HTML 5

When building for the web, the nuvos factory compiles your application into JavaScript.

You retain the advantages of the Java compiler (static checking, type safety, performance optimizations, etc.) while gaining the ubiquity of JavaScript.

Graphics are drawn with HTML 5 Canvas, and your app is packaged for offline use and auto-update.

Web platforms

The same nuvos app that works in a browser can be automatically packaged for a large number of web-enabled platforms.

By supporting these platforms, your application gains access to device resources such as cameras, GPS, accelerometer, notifications, contacts, etc., that are normally restricted.

The nuvos factory will bundle and sign your application so it can be uploaded directly to top app stores for distribution.

Native mobile
and desktop apps

Running a web app on a smartphone is handy, but nothing beats the performance of native code. The nuvos factory can translate your application source code into vendor-specific source code, then use the vendor-supplied SDKs to build native versions of your app.

This revolutionary process avoids runtime translators, middleware, and script interpreters to give your app its maximum possible performance, and direct access to all device features.

In similar fashion, the nuvos factory builds and signs your application for millions of desktop and laptops. Your app can be launched from a desktop icon, with no need for administrative rights, installers, or extra platforms (Java, Flex, Silverlight, etc.). Web code automatically selects the correct version of the app for all clients.

Powerful features

Advanced capabilities unlock a whole new level.

Quality without compromise

The nuvos development process is designed around quality at every step. Our environment includes code compilation, integrated documentation, and a unit testing framework that allows your code to be tested on large number devices, either attached directly or in the cloud. The nuvos runtime standardizes profiling, logging, and exceptions across devices and platforms. The nuvos factory features continuous integration that compiles, tests, and packages your application for all platforms throughout the development process, notifying your team immediately if bad code is checked in.

Rich user experience

Make engaging applications using vector graphics, animations, drop shadows, multi-touch gestures, and custom artwork. The nuvos factory will compile your application to optimize graphics on every platform, using OpenGL and hardware acceleration where available.

The same APIs are available for desktops and mobile, allowing a consistent experience wherever you go.

Work offline - seamlessly

Apps built on nuvos can run with or without network access. If the network drops, your application runs without a hitch. The nuvos runtime constantly monitors the network, and once it is restored, your application data is automatically synchronized with the cloud.

Local storage means your app will always be responsive, easily handling bad networks and slow databases.

Unleash the device

The nuvos SDK features vendor-agnostic APIs for utilizing device features and determining availability.

  • - Photos
  • - Payments
  • - Compass
  • - Bluetooth
  • - SMS
  • - Calendar
  • - Storage
  • - GPS
  • - Contacts
  • - Alerts

Built to connect

Never before has the cloud been so close.

Pre-integrated web services

The service catalog lists common web services that are pre-integrated with nuvos. Services may be tied to a specific provider or can be generic, allowing any compliant provider to be selected at any time, even after the application has been built and installed.

Custom web services

In addition to public services, nuvos allows developers to define custom web services that connect their app to the cloud. Servlet code can either implement the service itself, or act as a proxy to a pre-existing service. Services can be traditional pull-style, push-style, or topics (publish-subscribe).

Developers can publish their custom services in the nuvos product catalog to expose their offering to other nuvos developers.

Local services

In addition to web services, nuvos allows developers to define services that run on the client device. These local services allow nuvos applications to communicate with sensors, local applications, or other device resources that are not exposed with nuvos APIs.

Once the service is defined in nuvos, platform-specific code can be developed for the necessary platforms and packaged for use by the nuvos runtime.

Ready for the enterprise

Secure, robust, and compatible.

Supports past, present and future

Apps built on nuvos work everywhere from old laptops running IE6 on Windows XP to brand new tablets running Android or the latest IOS, all with the same workflows and user documentation.

This allows IT departments to support standard desktop configurations and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) at the same time.

Control the cloud

Server-side logic can be run on any servlet-capable hosting platform on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X, either in your datacenter or in the cloud.

All major databases are supported, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB/2, MySQL, and Postgresql. Network communications use SSL encryption for all data transport.