Cloud Build Services

A subscription to the nuvos factory entitles you to full use of our cloud build services, where we assemble, compile, filter, and package your app. As a fully managed service, you no longer need to manage complex build environments on dedicated hardware. Factory jobs are launched using the nuvos developer portal, or directly from the nuvos Eclipse plug-in.

Continuous Integration

The nuvos factory automatically builds your app on all supported devices throughout the day. Your team is immediately notified upon any build failure. The nuvos factory is pre-integrated with GitHub, and can also work with most subversion and git repositories.

Cloud Testing

Unit tests developed using the nuvos JUnit integration can be compiled and run as native code on a variety of devices, allowing you to test behavior, benchmark performance, and stay on top of any sensitive parts of your application.

Your subscription to nuvos factory guarantees up to 10 minutes of testing per tested platform per day per app, with any additional time granted on a first-come, first-served basis.