Pre-integrated cloud services

Connect your app to popular cloud services with the click of a button. Developers use a pure Java interface, meaning no messing around with service-specific quirks for transport, encoding, or authorization. Advanced features include as push data, user notifications, offline detection, and session management.

  • - Facebook
  • - Flickr
  • - Twilio
  • - Search
  • - Weather
  • - Twitter
  • - Maps
  • - Payments
  • - Finance
  • - Logistics

Service Fabric

The nuvos service fabric gives full control over data routing, enabling failover, scaling, and intelligent server selection, without having to change the client app. By separating service definitions from service providers, you can chose to connect the device to any compatible service provider at any time.

Custom services

Developers can define custom web services to connect with apps. The server-side code can either implement the service itself, or act as a gateway to a pre-existing service or database. Services can be traditional pull-style, push-style, or topics (publish-subscribe). Server code runs on any servlet-capable infrastructure, in your data center or in the cloud.

Developers can publish custom web services in the nuvos product catalog to expose their offering to other nuvos developers, using any GPL-compliant license (Apache, MIT, etc.).

Local services

In addition to web services, nuvos allows developers to define services that run on the client device. These local services allow nuvos applications to communicate with sensors, local applications, or other device resources that are not exposed with nuvos APIs.

Once the service is defined in nuvos, platform-specific code can be developed for the necessary platforms and packaged for use by the nuvos runtime.